Odor & Out® - "If a Odor gets in, we'll get it Out"

Odor & Out Air Purifier

Charged Oxygen

Oxygen in the air is charged by the ionizer and oxygen anion is generated!

Anions absorb Pollutants

Negative ions attract and bind with the airborne pollutants such as dust, pollen, smoke and PM2.5 by 99%.

Charge Neutralization Occurs

Charge neutralization occurs. The floating air pollutants subside naturally to the ground instead of being inhaled.

4.8 Million Pcs/cm³ Negative Ion Concentration

4.8 Million Pcs/cm³ Negative Ion Concentration. High Concentration equals effective and fast Smoke & Odor removal

Keep Your Car and Room free of these Air Pollutants

  • Decompose formaldehyde, benzene & others
  • Removes Harmful viruses,bacteria & germs
  • Eliminates Dust, Smoke & PM2.5 Air Pollutants

Smoke Laundry Detergent

The lifestyle you live calls for a special kind of detergent! Whether smoking with friends, coming out of a club or just a smell you want out of your clothes you will need a heavy duty detergent to get them back to normal. With Odor & Out's Smoke Laundry detergent rest assured if a Odor comes in we'll get it Out!

Odor Cancelling Candles

Smoke gets in the air and settles on your furniture, walls and clothes. With Odor & Out's... odor cancelling candles that next session won't stick to you. So next time you are smoking that cigar, pipe or simply a cigarette light one of these up 10-15 minutes before you start!

Air Purifier Car/Room

Whether on the road or in your room you're in control of how it smells. With Odor & Out's Air Purifier you have 4.8 million ions taking the Odor & Smoke by the neck and eliminating it from your life.

Never worry about embarrassing or annoying odors again!